Hotel Boquier

Guarantee of reservation
Any reservation must be confirmed or by a number of bank card with the name of the holder, his date of validity , or by a cheque of deposits in the sum of 30% of the stay with a minimum of one night and deductible at the end of stay. A written confirmation is systematically sent to you during remittance of deposits.
As part of contracts societies, one will ask for a fax of confirmation with the coordinates of the firm.
Conditions of cancellation
In the case of a cancellation in 48 hours precedent the day of arrival, the establishment saves right to keep the entirety of poured arhhes.
Reservation and cancellation during the Festival of Avignon
For a reservation of 1 night the down payment is one night
For the upper reservation in 1 night the down payment is 30 % of stay

Remittance of the down payment (see general case above)

For any confirmed reservation, the delay of cancellation is of 21 days before your stay. This one must be pointed out to us by mail or by fax. Otherwise, the down payment on reservation poured in anticipation is invoiced and kept.

Any modification of dates unless 21 days of your confirmed stay will give rise to the invoicing of expenses is equivalent to 30 % on changed or displaced cancelled night. During your stay any change of dates initially envisaged is considered to be a cancellation
Arrival / departure
Rooms are available from 14 hours (during the Festival 15 hours). – tell us of an hour of arrival and we shall make the maximum so that rooms are ready on time if you arrive earlier.For an arrival after 18h00, the number of credit card or a check of deposits is obligatory. Rooms must be liberated for 11 hours at the latest. Any delay will be able to procreate the invoicing of additional night. However, you can ask to keep the room a little longer in the reception which will make essentials. This easiness is function of the disponiblité and will not be systematically possible.
We take the nurse of your baggages from 8 hours in the morning. Reception is closed at 8 pm. Thank you for telling us in case of arrival after 20 hours.
The animals are accepted. You are responsible for the good manners of your animal, who will have to be kept in lead. One will ask for it you repairing of deteriorations for which you would be acknowledged to be responsible. A 5€ supplement on night and by animal is applied to the rate of the room./p>
The following means of payment is accepted:
– Cash (Euro only)
– Cheque (with identification documents)
– Bank cards: Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard.